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Proposed Columbus zoning changes present new opportunities in downtown

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Real Estate

For savvy property developers and businesses that are always looking for the next growth or expansion opportunity, recent developments in Columbus, are forecasting some exciting and promising changes in the near future.

Anyone looking to expand into one of the major neighborhoods along Main, Broad or High Streets should pay close attention to developments happening in the City of Columbus Building and Zoning Services.

Proposed local zoning changes for 2024

Recent news from a local newspaper affiliate has reported that the city is planning on updating many of the local zoning rules and ordinances to allow for an increase in mixed-use zoned districts throughout Columbus, with some of these changes taking place as soon as next year.

After commissioning a report in recent years to study development barriers within the city, these changes are a direct response to encouraging greater development of the services people want near the places that they live downtown.

Many people are seeing these changes as opening up significant new opportunities for business development and new residential construction in these desirable areas.

What opportunities do these zoning changes present?

The goal of these zoning changes, according to the city’s planning administrator, is to address some of the biggest issues that people face in Columbus. 

These include bringing jobs closer to their homes, making parking more accessible and increasing housing availability.  

With these stated goals, forward-thinking entrepreneurs can take this opportunity and make plans for how to capitalize on this newly available property. 

Retailers and restaurants will be growing in these newly mixed zoning areas, and so those ready to bid on the construction contracts will have their choice of projects to seek out.

There will also be opportunities for those who are already in the Columbus area. Landlords in the area can anticipate an influx of people looking to move into their units as newer opportunities are available for them to work in the city.

Companies already located downtown can also take advantage of these developments by investigating options for scaling up their business as the demand for local services increases with the additional residents.

The future looks bright and full of promise for Columbus

There are many elements of these proposed zoning changes that can be exciting for those ambitious and prepared to invest in the growth of their current operations.

You would be well served to remain aware as these zoning changes are further discussed and eventually implemented in the city so that you can be prepared to act fast and begin working for a livelier and more prosperous Columbus.