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Give Your Project The Strong Foundation It Needs

Keeping Communities Alive Through New Developments

When planning the next project, real estate developers and companies often overlook economic incentives. Drawing on our extensive experience in real estate law and development, Neiman Law can help you positively contribute to the community while finding a lucrative new venture.

Our attorneys can help you capitalize on these incentives and build in areas that will also be a strong investment. These situations are a rare win-win for your company and the community that needs new developments in these areas. As an Ohio native, Mike is always looking to contribute to the community and improve conditions across the state. Out of the Neiman Law office in Columbus, he assists clients throughout the state to take advantage of these opportunities.

Growing Your Business And Improving Your Community

Federal, state and local governments offer incentive programs to promote real estate development and business growth in areas that need it. Incentives can include property tax credits, subsidized loans and grants to support your project.

Incentives can apply to various projects and many have specific goals. For example, cities may offer grants to improve historic buildings or build more housing in an area that needs it. Attorney Neiman can help you determine which incentive programs are available to you and your project.

The requirements, structure and application process can be confusing, so working with an attorney who understands the process is crucial. With our strong business acumen and experience in real estate development, you can trust Neiman Law to guide you throughout the economic incentive process.

Helping You Find New Opportunities

With rising prices associated with building and development, incentives are a great way to make up for the costs accompanying your project. Contact Neiman Law to schedule a discovery call and learn more about economic incentives and what they could do for you. Call today at 614-454-3579 or fill out an online contact form.

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