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How long before a public hearing on a zoning matter is held?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Zoning Laws

Sometimes, a successful organization wants to expand its manufacturing facilities by developing vacant land next to an existing building. Other times, a company looking to add new facilities may want to renovate or purchase an existing property, but that property doesn’t have the right zoning for the proposed use.

One of the many ways for a business to make optimal use of a property is through rezoning, which means formally changing the zoning for a parcel instead of securing a zoning variance. The process of changing the zoning at a property can be very involved, expensive and frustrating in some cases. How long does it take for businesses in the Columbus, Ohio area to rezone a property for business purposes?

The process typically takes months

There are numerous stages involved in rezoning. The first step involves submitting a Rezoning Application to Building and Zoning Services. This triggers a formal notice to the applicable Community Group. Professionals will visit the location to take photographs and confirm the current use and condition of the property.

The City Departments and Zoning will send formal notice of their review and determinations, along with any proposed changes or actions that the applicant may need to take. From there, the business may need to make changes to the property or to the proposed plan and will need to submit documentation of its actions and revised paperwork to the City.

Those initial stages typically require at least nine weeks to complete, and only then can the party seeking to change the zoning finally present their plans at a public meeting held by the Development Commission. Professionals who work for the City and members of the public will be able to discuss the proposed rezoning at length at the meeting.

The right support can make all the difference

Rezoning and other real property matters are very difficult for businesses to handle, even if they have a general practice business lawyer on retainer. Discussing zoning and property issues with a lawyer who is particularly familiar with the unique requirements for Columbus zoning matters can help an organization put together the most effective plan for changing the zoning at a property.